Timo Virojärvi

My photography is subjective. It is driven by my feelings, emotions and processes which I project onto the world. I seek to see beyond the literal to find a meaning that resonates internally. I am not interested in the spectacular and magnificent, but places in between them, mundane and unremarkable. Nature and other places vacant of people are locations I prefer.

I am interested in the general and interpretative rather than the specific and exact. I want the viewer to have room for reflection so that ideally the picture disappears and the viewer is left with his or her thoughts.

Since 2015 I have had mentoring in art photography.

2018 Voimaa säkenöivät, Ääneen lausumattomat with Sanna Reponen, Jade Gallery, Helsinki

Ryhmä10 group exhibitions:
2017 Lähellä / Near, Lapinlahden lähde, Helsinki
2016 Harmonia / Harmony, Tikkurilan kirjasto / Tikkurila library, Vantaa
2016 Kymmenen valoa / Ten lights, Kameragalleria Helsinki

Email: timo@virojarvi.com